Saturday, 29 October 2011

my third and final journal for FE!

“Love is created and preserved by intellectual analysis, for we love only that which is unique, and it’s belong to contemplation, not to action, for we would not change that which we love” – Anonymous.

I am about wondering. What was the suitable title that suit for me to write my third and final journal? I keep pushing my mind please gave me an idea for me to start writing my journal. Yeah! Now I get it. I want to write a journal about something that people looking for, really happy when got it and feel miserable when lose it – Love.

Each of us, as a human being has our own feeling and really wants a love from someone. If you asking me, my answer is Yes. I do need a love and care from someone named a boy. You might think, I or maybe my friends which is same age with me were too young to story about love but it’s a life. Love does not care even you are younger, older or you are pretty or not. Love is everywhere and universal. You might not feel or understand what is meant by life without falling in love. Love is miracle and teaching us how to appreciate people around us.

In my life, I love everybody which is created and always there for me. I love my family – mama, ayah, along and baby. They was sent by God for me when I’m in happy even in a sad mood, they always by my side. My mama, Puan Norah she is my backbone. She always gives me a strength to stay cool and do not cry when I am in trouble. Everything happened with a reason. I do really love my beloved mama! She is really cares about her sweet naughty daughter. I meant nothing without her by my side.

When the girls start to gathering, the hottest topic that we always talked about is love, boys and shopping – frankly I said! Girls’ heart was very fragile and begging to be understands from a boys. Maybe boys see us too childish which is always nagging and asking for accompany. Actually we want your attention, boy. We are the master of love compare with you! By the way, love always being related with wasting or useless. That’s just people perception. Everything depends on us. We are the one who managed ourselves to create how the love moved. Even we are in love, do not even forget where we come from, do not really trust a boy or really in love until you cannot compare which is good and bad things to do. Love is something special sent by God to His creature so that they can live happily with the love that He sent to us.

Everybody have their own beloved. Same goes to me. I also have. I do not really care what people want to talk about me or us. We are the one who fell in love not them. Our relationship has been 1 year 9 months until today. Alhamdulillah, we are still together and really hope this relationship with last longer. If God willing. My family and his family already knew about us and they keep advices us to keep maintain our relationship and do not forget study. Of course I will not forget my study! My courses are the second toughest engineering course in the world. My mama and ayah already give me a green light to have a lover as long as I still can manage my study. Once again, Alhamdulillah I got a best result for my first quiz and test when I start my class at here, UniKL MICET. I do not want to be a fool who is really in love until forgets to study. God also ask us to keep learning until die.

We continue talk about love. We keep asking ourselves. What is meant by love for who still do not know the meaning? Same goes to me. I was still looking for a suitable reason to mention about love. From my opinion, love does not have a fix meaning. For me love cannot see with our eyes, cannot be touch by our hands and cannot be taste with our tongue. That’s why we called love is blind. We cannot see it but we still can feel the presences of love in our heart. This is because you are the one who state your own meaning of love. Mine, love are sweet, it is in the air, we cannot see but we can feel it, we happy when got it but we feel hopeless without love.

Like what I have said just now, love is universal. Not even we are in love with a girl or a boy. We also can be in love with God, parents, family, nature and many more. Love was not too specific for a couple or marriage. But for love to have a happy ending like a fairytale, it is a true love which is ending with married. I keep wondering when the time will come for me to get that? My dreams wedding plans with full of white roses, beautiful white dress and elegance bridal dais. But that’s all just a dream. For now I will not talk about it too much. Feel ashamed because I am just 18 to talk about married. So, make it short, love is universal and we can be in love with anything where a God has been created for us to keep appreciates it before we lose it.

Before my final paragraph coming up, I want to tell a little info about my love for everybody I love. First of all, I put my love for a God, Allah S.W.T. The second one is Nabi Muhammad SAW follow by my parents, family, my beloved boyfriend and my fellow friends. My sister has been told me, even you are really in love, do not forget to love Allah the most because Allah are the one who gives us a chance to be in love and to be lover. I always remember my sister’s words. For my lover, yeah I do love you and you are the one who brighten my day and give a rainbow after the rains come. I called him Triple A. Sorry because I have been so romantic in this journal because this is me. Really loves to make flowering words to chill my day.

So, before the cloud start to move, before the sun start to set, before the day start to change and before my journal start to end, I want to thank to everybody who is always there for me when I’m needed or even I’m not needed you. I am so grateful because having a people who love and care about me. My advices here, appreciate the presences of love in your life before it go or you will regret with the rest of your life. Just remember, a great love actually comes from Allah. We just “borrow” it from Him. A thousand of thanks to my beloved besties – Ema, Yana, Ecah and Yan who give me strength to complete my final journal. Now you know what my heart say about love.